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September 24, 2006

Coaching and Other Sites

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The main purpose of this page is to collect links to coaches and coaching organizations. I put this off because of the noncommercial nature of this site, but paid coaches are important part of the sport. I’ll also include a few others lists that may be useful. I don’t intend to include every cycling site on the web; that’s what the big search engines are for. I just want to include some which will be relevant to junior track cyclists.

Please note:
Inclusion here is free, though I reserve the right to offer some form of paid placement on the site in the future.
JuniorVelo is not responsible for the content of these sites. I’ll take a quick look when the link is added, but no more.
Feel free to send links I should add, or to point out any which have expired or become irrelevant.

The lists are short now, but they will grow.



International and National organizations:

Other sites:


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