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July 22, 2007

State championship road race

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I have not had a track race recently so I have had to write about road. I have a track race this Friday and Saturday so I will write another post then. I just went to the state championships and I got second. The race was 28 miles and there were so many hills it seems that every time I climbed a hill there was another in front of me. At the end I was pushing a hard gear up the final hill. When we finished it there was a place for riders with a mist to cool off and water and powerades in little pools of ice.

July 5, 2007


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My name is Colton and I am a 10yr old bike racer. I started out
racing mountain bikes, then I started racing road bikes. I moved to
Frisco Texas in 2005 and learned to ride on the Superdrome track.
This is my 2nd year racing on the track with my team of 12 other
kids. The Superdrome has a youth development program with about 20
kids. We are coached by Suzie Goodwin. The Superdrome is a 250 meter
track with an about 44 degree angle it is one of the few Olympic
certified tracks in the U.S. It was built for the Olympic trials in
the 80’s it is a wooden track and to stay on you need to go 12 miles
per hour. Every month we have Friday evening races each category gets
2 or 3 races. We recently came back from Colorado Springs for junior
national track championships and I will tell you about that in the
next article.

August 10, 2006

Lyubov Shulika is human

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What a funny title.

But really, contrary to popular belief and contrary to what all the other girls say(I heard them) and think she really is.

Last year as a first year junior she was made of skin and bones and muscles and despite being already very fast she made tons of mistakes like qualifying first in 200 m. and losing to last qualifyer in the first round.

Or being overly aggressive in the Keirin and getting relegated in the final.

This year for the last month or so she had been perfect; in fact she had been barely human. First she beat the 500 m. junior world record in Lviv Ukraine’s slow track and at the European Championship she won everything: sprint after qualifying first in 11:30′, 550 m under 35 seconds and keirin.

Up to last night in Gent despite finishing second in the 500 m., she had easily won the flying 200 m. and sprint and was navigating upon very calm waters in the keirin qualifications always keeping her opponents on her hip and controlling every race.

That is until the final when something broke and against all odds she was not in front anymore. In fact she was struggling to keep up, getting passed by Blyth, Rozhkova, Delev and McCullough finishing 5th and surprising everybody in the velodrome.

Blyth had won and Shulika was not even on the podium.

The girls had magically slain their dragon; this time at least.


Lyubov Shulika finished second in 500 m
Lyubov Shulika finished second in 500 m

Monique Sullivan from Canada waits to start her 500 m
Monique Sullivan from Canada waits to start her 500 m

Barry Miller from the US during practice
Barry Miller from the US during practice

The great Eddy Merckx was in attendance
The great Eddy Merckx was in attendance

Team Sprint winners GB
Team Sprint winners GB

August 9, 2006

Predictions versus Reality

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Before worlds, I listed some fast times that I had on record as a rough indicator of who to watch out for at worlds. It wasn’t really meant as a prediction, but let’s see how it fared versus actual results. I’ll leave the tables in the same order, and add a column for actual results. I’ll add top-3 riders who weren’t in the original tables in italics.

Men’s 3000 meter pursuit

Name Country Time Actual Place
Cameron Meyer AUS 3:19.632 Gold
Westley Gough NZL 3:21.723 Silver
Hayden Josefski AUS 3:22.723 10th
Jesse Sergent NZL 3:22.797 Bronze
Marco Coledan ITA 3:24.424 14th
Evgeny Kovalev RUS 3:24.458 8th
Alexandre Lemair FRA 3:24.852 7th
Women’s 2000 meter pursuit

Name Country Time Actual Place
Lesya Kalitovska UKR 2:25.557 Gold
Peta Mullens AUS 2:26.817 Bronze
Tess Downing AUS 2:28.7 6th
Lauren Ellis NZL 2:29.84 Silver
Yulia Popova RUS 2:30.579 10th
Lisa Brennauer GER 2:30.734 5th
Men’s Kilo

Name Country Time Actual Place
Scott Sunderland AUS 1:04.378 Gold
David Daniell GBR 1:04.451 Bronze
Jason Kenny GBR 1:04.713 DNC
Hodei Mazcuiaran Uria ESP 1:04.996 DNC
Vasileios Reppas GRE 1:05.152 10th
Christian Lyte GBR 1:05.454 Silver
Women’s 500 meter time trial

Name Country Time Actual Place
Lyubov Shulika UKR 34.741 Silver
Sandie Clair FRA 34.789 Gold
Virginie Cueff FRA 35.637 4th
Kaarle McCulloch AUS 35.763 Bronze
Anna Blyth GBR 36.085 5th
Lucy Ayres GBR 36.472 9th
DNC indicates that the rider did not contest this event at worlds.
Men’s Flying 200 meters

Name Country Time Actual Place
Scott Sunderland AUS 10.452 2nd/Silver
Jason Kenny GBR 10.496 1st/Gold
Daniel Ellis AUS 10.839 4th/Bronze
Herson CANELON VEN 10.84 17th
Angel Sixto Garcia ESP 10.85 13th
Women’s Flying 200 meters

Name Country Time Actual Place
Lyubov Shulika UKR 11.594 1st/Gold
Sandie Clair FRA 11.811 4th/Bronze
Yulia Kosheleva RUS 12.054 14th/16th
Anna Blyth GBR 12.093 2nd/Silver
Virginie Cueff FRA 12.151 3rd/5th
For sprints, the result column shows qualifying place/final ranking.

It seems that the existing times were a pretty good indication of who would be strong, especially in the shorter events. Naturally there were surprises, or we wouldn’t need to have the competition! Notice that of the 5 medalists who did not appear in the original tables, 3 were from New Zealand. I wonder if they are supressing their best times to gain the advantage of surprise at worlds. On the other hand, maybe I just need to look harder for New Zealand rider results next year.

USA Summary – Worlds 2006

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I have been accused of ignoring the United States of America, but it’s simply a lack of information. I haven’t had a single email or informative comment from the Americans in Belgium.

Of course you can’t get the interesting part of the story from raw results. There’s a big difference between finishing 15th of 15 after a failed attack that could have won the race and finishing 15th just hanging on. You also can’t know what the goals and expectations of the riders were.

Highlights include Cody O’Reilly’s pursuit (perhaps the fastest ever for the US), Shane Kline’s 6th place in the scratch race, and Catherine Fiedler’s overall solid performance. No doubt all 10 riders gave their best, and some may have been separated from higher placings by nothing more than a bit of luck. On the bright side, several of our best placings came from the five 17-year-old riders on the team. Next year may be a bit better as these riders progress and a few fast 16-year-olds such as Daniel Walker (Cristin’s brother, I believe) and Colleen Hayduk become eligible.

Shane Kline
Scratch: 6th
Madison: 9th, no points, 1 lap down

Nik Reinert
Madison: 9th, no points, 1 lap down

Matthew Fox
Sprint: qualified 32nd in 11.427
Kilo: 16th in 1:08.137

Cody O’Reilly
Pursuit: 24th in 3:31.483 – the fastest USA time in my database, beating Tyler Farrar’s time from junior nationals 2002

Justin Williams
Sprint: qualified 38th in 11.821
Keirin: relegated in Keirin round 1, DNF in reps heat 4 (I hear he was crashed by a rider who was then relegated)

Barry Miller
Points: 13th in qualifying with -20 points, 12 went on

Catherine Fiedler
Keirin: 3rd in heat 4, 1st in reps heat 4, 6th in heat 2 of round 2, 5th in the 7-12 final, 11th overall
Points: 12th with 1 point
Scratch: 9th

Cristin Walker
Keirin: 3rd in heat 2, 3rd in reps heat 2
500 m: 17th in 39.328
Sprint: qualified 22nd in 13.059, eliminated in 1/16 final

Lauren Shirock
Pursuit: 20th in 38.514

Cindy Lakatosh
Sprint: qualified 21st in 13.041, eliminated in 1/16 final

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