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November 29, 2007

You Saw Them Here First

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Okay, maybe you saw them on your home track first, but here are some of the up-and-coming recent juniors who will be racing in the World Cup races starting today in Sydney. In fact, there were so many in the start list on Cyclingnews that I didn’t get to them all.

For some there will be quite a bit of data if you follow the link. Others have just been mentioned or listed in the database. Good luck to all.

Good luck also to Dave McCook and Shelley Olds from Hellyer Park velodrome (and the Proman team). I also don’t want to forget Steve Pelaez, who is riding for the Philippines. It’s great to see our local velodrome represented at such a major event.

Leigh Howard
Shane Perkins
Josephine Tomic
Stijn Steels
Aksana Papko
Angel Sixto Garcia
Helena Casas Roige
Luis Mancilla (sometimes listed as Mansilla?)
Paola Munoz
Shuang Guo
Kévin Sireau
Michael Blatchford
Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez
Dalila Rodriguez
Tomas Babek
Denis Spicka
Jarmila Machacova
Trine Schmidt
Mitchell Docker
Travis Meyer
Thomas Palmer
Tess Downing
Lisa Friend
Camille Pallett
Jack Bobridge
Zakkari Dempster
Daniel Ellis
Mark Jamieson
Cameron Meyer
Scott Sunderland

November 25, 2007

Netherlands, Armenia, the Congo and More

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Just when you think you have most of the velodromes that can be found, life proves you wrong.

Thanks to a comment from “Stayer” I was able to add 5 new velodromes in the Netherlands. I may have made some naming corrections based on Stayer’s list as well. There are still more velodromes in the Netherlands and Belgium for which I have names but not locations, so help is welcome.

As often happens, I stumbled upon a new source while looking for those tracks. Wikimapia.org has a growing geographic database from which I was able to locate 11 more velodromes, including the first in Trinidad and Tobago, Armenia, and Democratic Republic of the Congo. A velodrome on Reunion Island was credited to France, though it’s in the Indian Ocean.

I also discovered a velodrome in China (CHN) labeled as Chilean (CHI) and corrected the error.

At the time of this article, the JuniorVelo database included 554 velodromes in 79 countries. The real time count is 611 velodromes in 83 countries.

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