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October 31, 2007

15 New Velodromes

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I took a look at the velodrome map at Fixed Gear Fever today. They have incorporated my database (with permission and credit given, thank you) with track information from their own study and other sources. They include useful information such as size and surface material when possible. I picked up 15 locations which they had and I did not – there are more, but even I have limits to how much time I’ll spend on something in one day. Of course those tracks will carry “Fixed Gear Fever” in the credit field in the database.

This added two new countries, Cameroon and Mali. At the time of this article, the JuniorVelo database included 519 velodromes in 75 countries. The real time count is 611 velodromes in 83 countries. [Edit – eleven more were added later the same day, mostly in eastern Asia. French Polynesia was added as a new country.]

Here’s a link to the latest Google Earth file. You can also see the data on a regular Google map.

October 24, 2007

Worlds Results – Just 2 Months Late

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As JuniorVelo winds down as a source of current articles, I still plan to keep the database going. The 2007 worlds results just went in today – I hope to do much better next year. You’ll find the results in the timed event database.

As usual for these big events, there are better sources for overall coverage and results, so I’m just collecting the 200m, 500m, kilo, and pursuit times.

October 4, 2007

End of the year

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We had our last race a week or two ago. I got third place overall. I got a free entry to the hotter n’ hell hundred ride next year. We did a couple crits and road races. At Greenville I got first omnium in a road/crit weekend race. A good finish to the season and now we have been doing long road rides with our team. We are racing mountain bikes now. We are doing off-season trainning such as roller blading, pilates and yoga to build core strength. Track season is over so bye till next season in March.

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