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September 24, 2007

500 Velodromes

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Thanks to Andrew Iler (see his posts at the Google Earth Community site) there are 10 new Italian velodromes in the database today. I dug up a couple more in Italy and one in France to bring the total to an even 500.

Of course we must also thank Google Earth for constantly improving the images available, which makes this progress possible.

Ever wonder who has the most velodromes on a per capita or per area basis? A database makes that question easy to answer. Including only countries with at least 10 velodromes in the database:

VelodromesCountryVelodromes Per
Million Square km10 Million People
12New Zealand4529
21Great Britain873
10South Africa82
26United States of America30.9
13People's Rep. of China1.40.1

As always, many velodromes are yet to be found, especially the indoor ones. Also, many of the velodromes included may be in disrepair or used for other purposes much of the time. Still, this is at least an approximation.

If you know of a velodrome not listed here, please post a comment. The better you describe the location (latitude/longitude, street names, images, web sites, etc.) the more likely I will be able to add it.

September 4, 2007


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I went to a triathlon lately and it was this fireman thing anyway we did it as our first one and we thought it wouldn’t be crowded but it was huge! We did the relay and we beat some firefighters and we are kids! I did the swimming my brother did the riding and my brother’s friend ran we got second. Anyway at the track there haven’t been races and not much happens at practice I will post later.

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