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July 30, 2007

Festival of Speed

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We just had our big Track race of the season the Festival of Speed put on by the Doing Hard Time team. It was mainly sprint races. There was a two lap race, a standing 1 lap, Team sprints, and an 8 lap race. My team won prizes like seats,bar tape,pumps, tires, and gift certificates to bike shops. I am taking a vacation, taking a break from racing bikes for a while. When I get back I will do a triathalon and then a mountain bike race at HHH before school starts again. When school starts I will start Taekwondo practice too. Most of our track and road racing is finished for the year but we will race mountain bikes this fall and maybe a cross race or two.

July 22, 2007

State championship road race

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I have not had a track race recently so I have had to write about road. I have a track race this Friday and Saturday so I will write another post then. I just went to the state championships and I got second. The race was 28 miles and there were so many hills it seems that every time I climbed a hill there was another in front of me. At the end I was pushing a hard gear up the final hill. When we finished it there was a place for riders with a mist to cool off and water and powerades in little pools of ice.

July 16, 2007

Crit racing

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To make us faster our track coach encourages us to do crits. Two weeks ago we went to a crit there were two races in two days in the first day I got fith place in the 14 and under age division. During that race I crashed when I was taking a turn fast. When I crashed, I lost some skin on my leg and hip then I got to take a free lap. I finished the race but the next day I was sore and a lot more cautious taking corners. We are going to race the state championship road race this weekend, so we are getting ready for that. Just yeserday we rode 20 miles around our practice course after all that riding me and my friends that were riding went to sonic for a treat.

July 15, 2007

Endurence practice

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Most of our practices have been rained out but we did have one recently. Our coach told us that we would have an endurence practice first we did a 4k a 3k a 2k and a 1k. I did great in the races I mostly got first and got second in one race I had a good practice.

July 6, 2007

Junior Nationals

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My team just got back from the junior nationals, my brother got a great time in his 500 and I did well too. My team has only been racing for a year but consirdering that we did well. Three of us including me made it to the finals in both nights. In the second race in the finals there was was an insanely fast rider who nearly lapped the field in the heat before, my coach and my dad both told me and my other two teammates in the finals to stay on his wheel they knew he would jump so we were supposed to go with him as soon as the pace slowed down we were supposed to pass by him because he would be tired. I got his wheel in the race but when he jumped I couldn’t stay on and was so tired that I got dropped and only beat a rider or two.

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