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June 22, 2007

Lehigh Valley Velodrome Junior Racing

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I have been short of time to keep up with this site (more on that in a future article), but here’s part of a note from Anthony Skorochod, along with one of his photos (more here).

Hi, the track season started in the Eastern Pennsyvania area at the Lehigh Valley Velodrome last Friday. Opening night was the Red Robin Keirin Cup which featured pro racers and Juniors. Last night was the LV Velodrome’s Future Stars Race Series, which features Juniors every Wednesday night. This was the final track race before track nationals next week in Colorado.

Juniors early in a match sprint at Trexlertown.
Photo by Anthony Skorochod.
Juniors early in a match sprint at Trexlertown. Photo by Anthony Skorochod.

June 18, 2007

Northern California / Nevada Junior Championships Photos

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Thanks to Steven Woo for posting the results in the previous article. Many photos from the day (at least one of each rider, I hope) are posted on Flickr.

Northern California/Nevada Junior State Track Championships.  Omnium podium for 15-16 boys.
Northern California/Nevada Junior State Track Championships. Omnium podium for 15-16 boys.

June 17, 2007

2007 Northern California / Nevada Junior Track Championship Results

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I would post more but it took me about two years to remember that WordPress allows spaces in usernames…

10-12 Girls Omnium
1.) Nikka van den Dries, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT, 48.03
2.) Claire Jensen, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT: 49.82
3.) Erica Meilahn, International Christian Cycling Club, 500M TT: 54.69

10-12 Boys Omnium
1.) Dylan Drummond, 500M TT:48.96
2.) Jacob Smith, Bandit Racing, 500M TT: 47.38
3.) Matthew Valencia, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT: 50.46
4.) David Tisdell, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT: 49.81
5.) John Wise, 500M TT: 1:02.44

13-14 Girls Omnium
1.) Claire Sprock, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT: 47.72
2.) Taylor Meilahn, International Christian Cycling Club, 500M TT: 48.72

13-14 Boys Omnium
1.) Andrew Lanier, Jr., San Jose Bicycle Club, 500M TT:41.84
2.) Marcus Smith, AMD/Discovery Juniors, 500M TT:44.43
3.) Nick Jensen, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT:45.76
4.) Tyler Yeats, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT:49.21
5.) Thomas Zhang, 500M TT:49.72

15-16 Girls Omnium
1.) Christina Yglesias, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT:45.89
2.) Regina Wang, 500M TT:55.37

15-16 Boys Omnimum
1.) Joel Shaffer, AMD/Discovery Juniors, 500M TT:37.85
2.) Daniel Tisdell, AMD/Discovery Juniors, 500M TT:40.40
3.) Nicholas Abal, Tieni Duro, 500M TT:40.07
4.) Eddie Zhang, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT:39.25
5.) Peter Taylor, Tieni Duro, 500M TT:40.59
6.) David Stallman, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT:40.13
7.) Daniel Farinha, San Jose Bicycle Club, 500M TT:40.26
8.) Adam Hodes, Tieni Duro, 500M TT:42.95
9.) Michael Cristofi, Easton/Specialized/LGBRC, 500M TT:42.50
10.) Kevin Jacoubowsky, 500M TT:47.44

17-18 Boys Pursuit Champion
1.) J P LeClaire, Adobe/Schwalbe presented by Lombardi, 3K IP: 3:53.07

June 15, 2007

Junior State Championships – Northern California/Nevada

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Here’s a reminder that the state championship races for juniors are TOMORROW. I suppose that all of the competitors are more than aware of this, but the rest of you may want to consider dropping by to cheer on the riders. Racing starts at 10. For more details please see the official announcement.

I’ll post a few pictures here in a day or two.

June 7, 2007

Team Netherlands – European Championships

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Men Endurance:
Bouke Kuiper
Roy Pieters
Michael Vingerling
Nick Stöpler
Peter Koning
Marijn de Kock

Women Endurance:
Anne Eversdijk
Martine van der Herberg

Men Sprint:
Jaime van der Lught
Yorick Bos

Women Sprint
Anneloes Stoelwinder
Anouk Ligthart

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