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December 31, 2006

National Championship Netherlands – Results

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Results can be found here , more will follow later.

Pictures can be found on BF-One, on this page.

I finished third in Keirin, and second in the Sprint, after having the fastest qualification time of 11.57, just ahead of Vingerling with a time of 11.59

December 23, 2006

Junior Interland Velodrome Sloten

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Great-Britain 1 was overall the best team of the Interland, just before Netherlands 1. Great Britain ruled on the sprint and Team Sprint with Daniell, Hargreaves and Hill, while Netherlands 1 had World Champion Elise van Hage.

Great-Britain 1 took overall victory

By the women Elise van Hage was definitely the best junior of the Interland. She took twice victory on the Scratch and Pointrace, and won the Team Sprint with Anouk Ligthart in a time of 31.415.

Elise van Hage
Elise van Hage after one of her victories

Tom Buck, a week before this event good for a time of 11.302 on Revolution 15, impressed on the Keirin and KM. Buck finished in a time of 1.09.820. Not the best time ever, but after several sprint heats and the Keirin, you don’t have to expact fast times. For example, Junior Europian Champion KM David Daniell, had a time of 1.10.481 and finished fourth.

Earlier the day Buck also won at the Keirin, leaving Daniell and Hill behind, while Dutch Michael Vingerling finished fourth.

After the Keirin (and before the KM.) David Daniell won the Sprint event. With an time of 11.136 he was also the fastest 200 meter rider. Stephan Hill, good for a time of 11.130 at Revolution 15, now did the 200 meter in 11.407, and finished second in the Sprint Event. Belgium rider Brian Ligneel finished third in the Sprint.

The women Keirin was won by Elise van Hage, and the Sprint victory went to Becky James, who defeated Jess Varnish in the final. Varnish won the 500 metre. The time of her in the results, 34.914, is wrong. I don’t know how, but the jury, made some mistakes. Every 500 metre rider did about 3 seconds slower.

On the men and women Pursuit, the victories went to Great-Britain 2 Luke Rowe (3.35.099) and Netherlands 1 Anne Eversdijk (3.40.051). The Team Pursuit victory went to Great-Britain. In a time of 4.37.529, the were nine seconds faster then Netherlands 2, and 11 seconds faster then Netherlands 2. The mens pointrace was won by Roy Pieters, who took a lap with four others, but won with the most points.

In the Madison the victory went to Great-Britain 2 riders Rhys Lloyd and Luke Rowe with 14 points, just ahead of Belgium with 13 points. Netherlands 1 finished third, with 9 points.

Dutch Michael Vingerling and Nick Stopler
Everyone giving it all

I didn’t mention any of my results, so here they are. I raced for Netherlands 2 in the Sprint Events: Keirin, Sprint, KM, Scratch 600 metre and the Team Sprint.

The weekend begun with the Keirin. I my heat I finished third, behind Hill and winner Daniell. The first 3 went to the final. In the final I didn’t had the power to past the sprint riders, and finished last. 6th place in the Keirin. Then the Sprint. The time of my 200 metre stoped in 11.707. Good for the 6th time. The first six were placed for the Sprint Event. In my heat I met Josh Hargreaves. He did the 200 metre in 11.597 . Hargreaves, openent of me in Revolution 14, started in front. I managed to surprise him and I won! A totally unexpected victory. In the 1/2 final I met another British Sprinter. Stephan Hill. He showed he was to strong for me. He accelerated when I wanted to past him. In the Sprint for the 3/4 place, and made some tactical mistakes and Brian Ligneel defeated me. Tactics, something I have to improve. The Kilometer was one Event to much for me, in a bad time I finished 8th.

The second day started with an Sprint Event: 600 metre scratch. I woke up with terrible legs, and thaught I would finish last. In my heat I had to ride against Ligneel, Jones, Hargreaves, Hill and Dutch Commandeur. I picked number one, so I had to start ahead. I didn’t know what to expact. Will they sprint right from the start, or will they wait? They waited, waited for me to begin the Sprint. I never went from place 1. I won. The second surprise for me this Interland. Jones second, and Ligneel third. In the other heat Buck won, Belgium Vanneste second and Dutch Jeffrey Kuijpers third. David Daniell didn’t went to the final, he finished fourth in heat 2. In the final I started from place 3. I decided to take the last place to do a surprise attack. With 2 laps to go I attacked. The others reacted but they didn’t managed to get any closer. It looked a little bit like the World Champion Keirin Final, won by Theo Bos. This was the third, and the biggest surprise for. I totally didn’t expacted this, especially with the terrible legs I woke up with…

The last event was the Team Sprint, which was won by Great-Britain 1, in a time of 39.907, and second Netherlands 1. We, Netherlands 2, finished last… We had a good started (Christian Kos) but our second man, Jonathan Eijssens (5th in Keirin), showed he is a slow starter. He didn’t managed to keep the wheel of Kos. We lost some crucial time there. Last man was me. I managed to accelerate but it wasn’t enough. A time of 43.122. Several weeks ago on a National Championship I won this event along with my brother Patrick and Tim Veldt, in a time of 39.366 (video can be found on youtube). Hopefully I will ever manage to ride this time with the other Junior Sprinters, Michael Vingerling and Jeffrey Kuijpers…

Me during a Sprint Heat

More Pictures of me can be found on my website, on BF-One or on this page. All websites in Dutch.

December 17, 2006

Junior Interland Velodrome Sloten – Results

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Results can be found here (excel). Reports from me will follow later.

December 14, 2006

Junior Interland Velodrome Sloten

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This weekend will be the first Interland from a serie of hopefully 5. BF-One brought us the news that more interlands could follow in Manchester UK, Newport Wales, the Eddy Merckx track centre in Ghent Belgium and Sportpaleis Alkmaar Netherlands.

On this weekends Interland 6 teams will compete against each other for being the best track nation of the Interland. United Kingdom will bring two teams in the track, Wales one, just like Belgium. Also the Netherlands will start with 2 teams.

The girls of Netherlands 2 don’t take part of the Junior National Team, but are selected for this Interland so that the Netherlands will also have two womens teams.

Netherlands 1:
Men Sprint: Michael Vingerling, Jeffrey Kuijpers, Nick Stöpler (teamsprint only)
Women Sprint: Elise van Hage / Anouk Ligthart

Men Endurance: Leon Commandeur, Bouke Kuiper, Roy Pieters, Nick Stöpler
Women Endurance: Chantal Blaak, Anne Eversdijk, Elise van Hage

Netherlands 2:
Men Sprint: Yorick Bos, Jonathan Eijssens, Cristian Kos (teamsprint only)
Women Sprint: Ilona Meiring, Nicole Pieters

Men Endurance: Marijn de Cock, Bob Stöpler, Peter Koning, Cristian Kos
Women Endurance: Martine van der Herberg, Barbara de Ridder

On the programme stand the regular sprint/endurance components, but also a 600 metre scratch.

News and pictures will be added by me on this website when the Interland is over. If you want you can keep an eye on BF-One, but it is in Dutch.

Junior Track Records:

200 metre
Men: 10.880
Women: 12.317

500 metre
Women: 37.010

Men: 1.04.450

2000 metre
Women: 2.27.700

3000 metre:
Men: 2.25.311

Team Sprint (600 metre)
Men: 39.070

Team Pursuit
Men: 4.25.631

Velodrome Sloten
Velodrome Sloten

December 13, 2006

USA Junior Nationals Dates and Location for 2007

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It’s official. Junior Nationals will be in Colorado Springs from June 30 to July 3 [ thanks to Chuck Martin for his observation in the comments].

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