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November 30, 2006

Track Pedals

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Many Juniors are new to the track, and they may wonder what type of pedals to use. For just learning to ride, just about anything will do as long as it’s pretty tight. Once the rider starts doing hard sprints or standing starts, it is critical that the pedals don’t release during the effort.

There are many different opinions out there, some based on fact and some just rumors. This article was triggered by a Cyclingnews article about the Sydney Track World Cup with pictures of three of the most popular solutions. Since their observations coincide well with what I have heard it seems like a good start.

Here are their pictures, without permission but with links to the large versions on their site, so I hope they don’t mind:

In short, SPD-R and SPD-SL pedals are two of the top choices, along with traditional clips and straps. Straps can be added to the SPD pedals with various modifications, but this is probably overkill for all but the very strongest juniors.

I have also seen Look pedals modified with a large bolt to make them secure. In general, stock Look pedals seem to be a poor choice, as they can release during a hard pull on the pedals, even without much twisting.

This article is partly here to see if it sparks any disagreement. If you have a pedal system which is as good or better, please add a comment. [Note: comments do not appear immediately unless you register and have a previously approved comment, but I’ll approve these as quickly as I can.]

November 27, 2006

Junior Nationals USA for 2007 – Very Unofficial

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It seems that www.sportsbaseonline.com has the registration page up for junior nationals in 2007. I don’t see any official announcement on the USACycling web site, but the dates listed are June 30th to July 3rd.

There’s a Lehigh Valley Velodrome logo, but there’s no entry on their online calendar. [Note Tom’s comment below – Colorado Springs may be the place.]

Did I mention that this is unofficial? Don’t buy plane tickets based on this article!

Oceania Results

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The Oceania Track Championships recently wrapped up in Australia. Results from several of the timed junior events are now in the JuniorVelo timed event database.

There have been a few other events recently – I’ll try to catch up soon.

November 21, 2006

Revolution 14

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Revolution was created in 2003 by Face Partnership and the Manchester Velodrome to provide a new style of cycling event in the UK, a style that would increase spectator appeal and change the way people think about the sport.

With the creation of an action packed alternative race programme featuring international road and track stars presented with a slick, modern style the Cycling Revolution was born. The racing is fast and the atmosphere is electrifying with music and lighting effects creating a superb night of entertainment for cycling and non-cycling fans alike.

The Revolution is now getting ready for its fourth season and with more star riders and a unique feel to each event it continues to attract capacity crowds to the Manchester Velodrome. Revolution is already laying the foundations for the future with its future stars series and with exciting plans for Season 4 the Revolution will only get better.

Source: http://cyclingrevolution.com

The Velodrome

Because of the absence of the elite sprinters (Sydney World Cup) some Junior sprinters (male/female) from Great Britain, France, Germany and Holland came to Manchester for Revolutions 14. The women ride an omnium: 200 metre and 3 sprint races. We raced a Sprint, Clash (for the sprint losers) and a Keirin.

Revolution also had endurance races and Future Stars races. Some great names stand on the endurance list, like Gilberto Simoni and Yaroslav Popovych. They did a Italian Pursuit (1.75Km), Elite Devil/Scratch (6 km.) race and Scratch (15km.).

From Germany Sacha Hubner, Tobias Wachter (m), Hannah Welte, Charleen Delev (f) came to Manchester. Ghislain Boiron, Nicolas Bourin (m), Sandie Clair (f) were the France riders. The British riders were Jason Kenny, Christian Lyte, Dave Daniell, Josh Hargreaves, Pete Mitchell, Steven Hill (m) and Anna Blyth, Lucy Ayres, Becky James, Jess Varnish (f). Holland sent Yorick Bos (me), Jeffrey Kuipers (m) and Elise van Hage, Anouk Ligthart (f).

Click for image

The day began with the 200 metre flying for the women. Anouk Lighthart came into the track first. The rider from Holland set a time of 12.97, not her personal best, but she was satisfied with the time. 2nd rider from Holland was Elise van Hage, World Champion Scratch, 2nd on the Points race, and two times European Champion. She did the 200 metre in 12.47, also not her PR. Last rider in the track was Anny Blyth, World Champion Junior Keirin. She set an impressive time of 11.590!.

Blyth during the 200 metre flying

Further results of the sprints against eachother:
SheCycles.com Girls Sprint Omnium 1
Heat 1: Anna Blyth
Heat 2: Lucy Ayres
Heat 3: Jess Varnish

SheCycles.com Girls Sprint Omnium 2
Heat 1: Lucy Ayres
Heat 2: Sandie Clair
Heat 3: Anna Blyth

SheCycles.com Girls Sprint Omnium 3
Heat 1: Charleen Delev
Heat 2: Elis van Hage
Heat 3: Anna Blyth

As said before, the Junior Men did a Sprint, Clash and a Keirin. Unfortunately we didn’t do a 200 metre, I think I could have set an new Personal Record.

In the Sprint Series I had to race against World Champion Jason Kenny, and Josh Hargreaves. I did my best, but it wasn’t enough. As expected, I finished third. Kenny won, Hargreaves second.


Further Results:
Revolution Sprint Round 1 (4 x 3)
Heat 1: Sacha Hubner
Heat 2: Dave Daniell
Heat 3: Ghislain Boiron
Heat 4: Jason Kenny

Revolution Sprint Semi-Finals
Semi Final 1: Jason Kenny
Semi Final 2: Dave Daniell

Revolution Sprint Final
Jason Kenny

So I had to ride the Clash. With 8 riders in the track. I finished sixth. I could have done better. At the end everyone lost speed, except me. So If the race would have been longer…


The last race was Keirin. Two heats. In my heat I finished fifth.


I had a great time, and I hope I will ride something like this soon again.


November 20, 2006

Major Repairs and Upgrades at Hellyer

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Not strictly junior news, but everyone is affected by this one.

Scraps of news on this have been drifting around for months, but now it’s official. Hellyer Park Velodrome is operated by a volunteer organization, the NCVA. On the other hand, the land a major improvments are owned by Santa Clara County, California as part of the parks system. This works well most of the time, but it can make getting projects approved and funded a nightmare of delays, committee meetings, and delays.

The work and budget have finally been approved. This includes:

  • $650, 000 budgeted
  • Repair to the outer embankment, which is eroding and could cause the track to lose its shape.
  • Repair to the outer walkway and an ADA-approved entry ramp.
  • Replacement of the ragged slurry apron (the track’s worst feature) with a properly-installed asphalt apron.
  • Automated infield sprinklers.
  • A warmup circle with ramps from the back straight and turn 4. We have never had a warmup circle, and the exit ramps will facilitate fast-paced racing nights.

Big thanks to Mike Hardaway for dealing with the county for the years this took to come together. Also to Rob Jensen for the part he played at the end of the process, and to all those in the NCVA and parks department who worked on this over the years.

Of course every big operation has a downside. The work will start in March, and will end in May if there are no delays for weather or otherwise. This will impact early-season training and racing. It may be possible to use the track during parts of the construction, but there will certainly be some days or weeks when it is totally closed. If the project slips at all, the main racing season will be impacted. It will be well worth the inconvenience in the long run.

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