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October 18, 2006

Cody Again

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More contratulations are in order for Cody O’Reilly. Of 25 riders named to the national talent pool, he is the only one still a junior. From this pool, our representatives at World Cup and World Championship races are chosen.

Cody O'Reilly heads for a strong second in the pursuit.
Cody O’Reilly heads for a strong second in the pursuit.

The photo is from Junior Nationals in July 2005 where Cody earned silver in pursuit and gold in team pursuit at a racing age of 17.

October 16, 2006

Hellyer Junior Sessions

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The sessions for ages 10 to 15 are winding up for the year. The last session will be November 5th, and sessions resume on the third Sunday in February.

MikeJ of Chain Reaction Bicycles took some pictures of the session. It looks like quite a good group.

I’m pleased to see that the sessions I helped start (with Steven Woo) are going strong.

October 5, 2006

Cody O’Reilly Second in National Scratch Race

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October 4th was a big day for juniors in the USA.

Cody O’Reilly was second in the national championship scratch race, while still a junior.

A little known fact about new scratch race national champion Dave McCook is that a lot of his track training is done with Farid Abraham, who coaches many of the juniors at Hellyer Park Velodrome. Hellyer’s 17-18 juniors have all done many workouts with Dave. Contratulations, Dave!

Dave McCook before starting the Keirin final at NCNCA championships, 2006.
Dave McCook before starting the Keirin final at NCNCA championships, 2006.

Yet another junior connection in the scratch race was Jame Carney, who spends part of his time coaching juniors at T-Town.

Recent juniors with strong performances included Ben Barczewski and Ryan Nelman with silver and bronze in the 250 meter time trial and Kim Geist winning the U23 women’s pursuit.

And more:
David Espinoza placed 3rd in the Kilo, and he still has another year as a junior! His 1:08.394 took just over a second off his time from Junior nationals this July.

October 4, 2006

2006/2007 Junior Talentday

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On 1 October the Juniors, U-23, and Women opened the season with the yearly Talentday. On this day they could qualify themselves for the track team of Holland. The distances were 250 metre flying, 500 metre standing and the 3km. pursuit. And yes, this is my first year as junior, so I also showed my talents on this day.

Junior Coach Jan de Graaf talking before the start of the day
Speech of Junior Coach Jan de Graaf

The day begun with the 250 metre flying. It’s a bit strange that it isn’t 200 metre, but I don’t know why that is.

Finally it was my time for the 250metre. I did it in 14,63 seconds. Not a bad time, though, I think I could go much faster. My gear was 48×14, but I think next time I will take 47×14. I had the feeling during the race that time wasn’t the only thing were I was fighting against, but also the 48×14 gear. I think that, if I took the 47×14, that I could go 0,15 seconds faster. I had also some problems before the start, so with the right gear and no problems, I could ride 14.45 or something in that direction. I finished third, behind the winner Michael Vingerling in 14.42, and Nick Stöpler in 14.61.

After this it was time for the 500 metre standing. My PR on this time was 37,25 in January. A bad time for a sprinter. I always had problems with my second lap. And I’m also not a very good starter, so not the perfect combination for a 500metre or 1km. rider. But I worked on it. And that resulted in a much faster Personal Record of 36,16. I did the first lap of 250metre in 20,13. Also an improvement, but I think I need to go to 19,5 really fast… My second lap was also better than usual. But the last half lap, I lost a lot of speed, what I usually don’t have on the 500 metre. The winner was, again, Michael Vingerling, and second, again, Nick Stöpler. Vingerling did the first lap in 20.05 (he could open much faster), and finished in 35.38, new track record! I was on schedule after one lap to ride almost the same time as Vingerling, so you can see that if I didn’t lose speed in the last lap, I could ride about 35,5. Still not a good international time, but you have to start somewere. As I said, Stöpler finished second in 35.8 with the first lap in 20.4. In the future I will work harder on my start, and the next laps, because 500metre will be replaced by the junior distance of 1km. I hope that I can ride in the end of December a time about 1.08 on the 1km. on the nationals.

Michael Vingerling
Vingerling ruled the 200 en 500 metre and winner of the day

After a break of an hour it was time for the 3km. pursuit. Chantal Blaak did a good time of 2.34 on the 2km. Junior Women did the 2km. She peformed a good time, thinking that time trial bars were forbidden, so with a normal bar, it isn’t bad at all. Also for us, and other categories were tt bars forbidden. This time Vingerling finished fourth, but Stöpler won, in 3.42.12. A good time. Stöpler, a very good allrounder. Last year, he became second on the nationals (15/16 yo). Vingerling, by the way, won the nationals, I became sixth. Stöpler, chosen for the pursuit in the future and not for the sprint. Vingerling, still doesn’t know if he will choose sprinting or the pursuit. A lot of riders, like Stöpler, chose the endurance side of track cycling because his heart is on road cycling, not track cycling. Here in the Neterland, besides me, there aren’t really riders who are 100% track. Everyone is 50/50, and when they become the age of 18, they choose a career on the road. It’s a pity, because if more juniors will choose the track, the results will be better on the European C. and the WC.

Stöpler second on 200 and 500metre, but winner of the pursuit.

Not forgetting to mention my result… I peformed very, very badly on the pursuit. I don’t have an explanation, but I finished at place 22… I know it’s not my thing, but last year I finished seventh on the 2 km. pursuit on the nationals. So I can ride a good pursuit for sure. But today, I think, I forgot my pursuit legs at home.

A good and a bad day for me. Here starting on the 500metre.

All results can be found on this page.
All pictures can be found here

Blaak won the Junior Women omnium

Maybe nice to know. After the races some Dutch sprinters like Theo Bos, Yondi Schmidt and my brother did an attempt to break the 250 metre record of 13.70 from Tim Veldt. Theo did it. In a much faster time of 13.25. Patrick, my brother did also a good time of 13.86. Still a bit faster then me…

Also Yvonne Hijgenaar did an attempt to break the record for women, and she did it in 14.95.

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