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September 24, 2006

New Page: Coaching Links

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I am still mostly offline this week, but I took a few minutes to throw together the beginning of a new page. The “coaching and other sites” link in the right column is a place to include links to coaches and coaching programs. Occasionally coaches will mention their sites in a comment, but I have never collected the links in one place.

Feel free to send in the name and URL of your coaching business or a favorite coach. Please stick to coaches who work with junior track racers. I don’t have space for every cycling coach on earth.

I have also started a few other lists on the same page, grouped as “Photographers”, “Cycling Organizations”, and “Other”. As with the coaching list, I don’t want to try to replace Google, Yahoo!, and the other search engines by listing every site. Relevance to junior track racers is the key.

This lists are very small now, but they will grow.

September 21, 2006

A Little Break

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Things are already pretty slow at JuniorVelo this time of year, but they are going to get slower for a few weeks. I’m moving to a new house, and the associated work and disruputions will probably keep me from doing much with the site. Comments from unregistered or new users may not appear for days.

After that I’ll be back in action. Here is part of my to-do list:

  1. Stay on top of competitive times from around the world.
  2. Recruit more junior, parent, or coach authors to the site.
  3. Put up a page where coaches can list their services.
  4. Make it possible for authorized users to enter new riders and results without my help.
  5. Consider traveling to Aguascalientes to cover junior worlds in 2007.
  6. Keep finding more velodromes.

September 17, 2006

List of Mapped Velodromes

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This article is just for the serious velodrome hunters out there. The rest of you can stop here.

By request, here is a text list of all the velodromes in the database. It is automatically updated whenever a velodrome is added. Please, if you know of a velodrome not listed here send me the name and exact latitude and longitude (a.k.a. GPS coordinates). To see the velodromes on a map, you can find several options on the velodrome locations page.

Note that the velodrome names below vary in quality. In some cases, the full official name of the velodrome is listed. In others, an out of date name may be shown. Finally, in many cases I only know the location, so the name shown is simply “Somecity Velodrome” even though that may not reflect the local language or official name. Corrections are welcome – just leave a comment.

The web site links also vary in quality. Some are the official web site for the track. When I didn’t find an official site, sometimes I listed some site with relevant information. In many more cases, I have no link to offer. Again, corrections and additions are welcome.

Finally, for the really committed velodrome hunters out there, here are two Google Earth placemark lists which may be useful. The first contains locations of things which look like velodromes, but where I was not sure enough to include them in the database. They can be included if Google Earth improves their satellite images or if there is some corroborating evidence that the location is really a velodrome (for example, a known address or ground-level images which correspond to what is seen in Google Earth). The second list contains cities which should have a velodrome, but where I could not clearly identify one. Usually these cities have been found on the BikeCult velodrome list, but there are other sources. It may be that the expected velodrome is not visible due to low resolution photography or clouds. It may have been torn down or covered in an anonymous-looking building. It may have never existed or perhaps I just didn’t look carefully enough. Note that these two lists are NOT automatically updated, though I will replace them if there are big changes. Yet again, corrections and improved information are welcome.


Algier Velodrome


Bahia Blanca Velodrome
Bariloche Velodrome
Buenos Aires Velodrome
C?rdoba Velodrome
Caleta Olivia Velodrome
Corral de Bustos Velodrome
Esperanza Velodrome
J?uregui Velodrome
Junín Partido Velodrome
Las Breñas Velodrome
Mar del Plata Velodrome
Mendoza Velodrome
Rafaela Velodrome
Reconquista Velodrome
Resistencia Velodrome
Rio Cuarto Velodrome
Rufino Velodrome
Sáenz Peña Velodrome
Salidillo Velodrome
Salta Velodrome
San Francisco Velodrome
San Juan Argentina
San Nicolás Velodrome
San Rafael Velodrome
Santa Rosa Velódromo
Velódromo Concordia
Velódromo de Rawson
Velódromo Formosa
Velódromo in Parque Saturnino Unzue
Vendao Tuerto Velodrome


Yerevan Velodrome


Adelaide Velodrome
Alice Spring Velodrome
Ararat Velodrome
Ballarat Velodrome
Bendigo Velodrome
Blackburn Cycling Club Velodrome
Brunswick Velodrome
Cairns Track
Canberra Velodrome
Chandler Velodrome
Chelsea velodrome
Coburg Velodrome
Darwin Velodrome
Devonport Velodrome
Dunc Gray Velodrome
Edwardstown Velodrome
Geelong West Velodrome
Hansen Reserve Track
Hurstville Velodrome
Ipswitch Velodrome
Joe Ciavola (DISC) Velodrome
Kendrick Tucker Velodrome
Launceston Velodrome
Lavington Velodrome
Leongatha Velodrome
Maryborough Velodrome
Mount Gambier Velodrome
Nerang Gold Coast Cycling Center Velodrome
Packer Park Velodrome, Carnegie
Perth SpeedDome Velodrome
Port Pirie Velodrome
Preston Track
Robinson Reserve Velodrome
Tamworth Velodrome
Tempe Velodrome
Townsville Velodrome
Unanderra Velodrome
Vodafone Arena (Velodrome) Melbourne
Warragul Velodrome
West Gosford Velodrome
Whyalla Velodrome


Ferry Dusika Hallenstadion


Baku Velodrome


Bridgetown Velodrome


Alleur, Ans Velodrome
Antwerp Sportpaleis
Elewijt Velodrome
Gilly Velodrome
Kuipke (Gent)
Peer Velodrome
Quenast Velodrome
Rochefort Velodrome
Vlaams Wielercentrum Eddy Merckx
Wielerpiste Hulshout


Velodromo Alto Irpavi
Velodromo Cochabamba


Americana Municipal Velodrome
Belo Horizonte Velodrome
Buenos Aires Velodrome (2)
Cidade Universit?ria Velodrome
Curitiba Velodrome
Velodromo de Caieiras


Sofia Velodrome


Yaoundé Omnisport Stadium


Argyll Velodrome, Edmonton
Bromont National Training Center
Burnaby Velodrome
Forest City Velodrome
Glenmore Velodrome
Juan de Fuca Velodrome
Montreal Olympic Velodrome (Former)
V?lodrome Louis-Garneau
Velodrome Caisse populaire Dieppe
Wind del Velodrome


Curico Velodrome
Punta Arenas Velodrome
Talca Velodrome
Valparaiso Velodrome
Velodromo Estadio Nacional


Barranquilla Velodrome
Bogota Velodrome
Bucaramanga Velodrome
Medell?n Velodrome
Pereira Velodrome
Velódromo Alcides Nieto Patiño

Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Kinshasa Velodrome

Costa Rica

Vel?dromo Parque de la Paz


Velodromo Panamericano

Czech Republic

Brno Velodrome
Prague Velodrome
Prostejov Velodrome


Odense Velodrome
Siemens Arena, Ballerup
Århus Cykelbane

Dominican Republic

Velodromo Olimpico


Guayaquil, 250m
Quito Velodrome

El Salvador

San Salvador Velodrome


Pirita Spordikeskus


Helsinki Velodrome
Tampere Velodrome
Turku Velodrome


V?lodrome du Parc de M?n?houarne - Plouay
Aire sur Adour Velodrome
Alençon Velodrome
Angers Velodrome
Aulnay Sous Bois Velodrome
Auxerre Velodrome
Beauvais Velodrome
Bercy Stadium
Blois Velodrome
Bordeaux Velodrome
Bourges Velodrome
Branoux-les-Taillades Velodrome
Bressuire Velodrome
Briare Velodrome
Bruay la Buissière Velodrome
Buxerolles Velodrome
Caen Velodrome
Chateaubriant Velodrome
Cleder Velodrome
Creil Velodrome
Deauville Velodrome
Dijon Velodrome
Équeurdreville Velodrome
Eybens Velodrome
Fanch Fav
Fougeres Velodrome
Grand Couronne Velodrome
Grand Synthe Velodrome
Guipavas Velodrome
Hy?res France
La Baumasse, Port de Bouc
La Rochelle Velodrome
Lanester Velodrome
Le Blanc Velodrome
Le Havre Velodrome
Le Neubourg Velodrome
Lens Velodrome
Lesneven Velodrome
Loudun Velodrome
Lunéville Velodrome
Montargis Velodrome
Montceau-les-mines Velodrome
Muret Velodrome
Parc des Princes (former)
Pl?lan-le-Grand Velodrome
Plouasne Velodrome
Pordic Velodrome
Quimper Velodrome
Rennes Velodrome
Roubaix Velodrome
Saint Jean-d'Angély Velodrome
Saint-Denis Velodrome
Saint-Etienne Velodrome
Saint-Omer Velodrome
Salbris Velodrome
Senlis Velodrome
Seyssins Velodrome
St. Malo Velodrome
Stade Isidore Thivrier
Strasbourg Velodrome
V?lodrome Aim? Constant, Vitrolles
V?lodrome Brest Ponant Iroise
V?lodrome de Bellevue
V?lodrome de la Provot?, Cou?ron
V?lodrome Delaunay
V?lodrome des Alliers, Angoul?me
V?lodrome des Olives, Marseille
V?lodrome Desgrange
V?lodrome du Crouzet, Viviez
V?lodrome du Ladhof
V?lodrome du Parc de la T?te d'Or, Lyon
V?lodrome Eddy Merckx
V?lodrome Jean Alric
V?lodrome Petit Breton
V?lodrome Ph. Marcombes 121
V?lodrome Route de Chenailles
Vélodrome A. Gesse
Vélodrome de Champ-Fleuri
Vélodrome de Foix
Vélodrome du Chêne-Vert
Velodrome Municipale Jacques Anquetil
Villemur-sur-Tarn Velodrome

French Polynesia

Pirae Velodrome


T'bilisi Velodrome (228m concrete)
T'bilisi Velodrome (400m wood)


?schelbronn Velodrome
Albert Richter Velodrome
B?ttgen Velodrome
Biestow (Rostock) Velodrome
Bocholt Velodrome
Chemnitz Velodrome
Cottbus Velodrome
Darmstadt Radrennbahn
Dortmund - 400m, badly damaged
Dresden Velodrome
Dudenhofen Velodrome
Erfurt Velodrome
Forst Velodrome
Fredersdorf Velodrome
Friesenheim Velodrome
Gera Velodrome
Gruga Halle Velodrome
Hamburg Velodrome
Hassloch Velodrome
Hildesheim Velodrome
Leipzig Velodrome
Linkenheim Velodrome
Merseburg Velodrome
Munich Velodrome, 1972 Olympics
N?rnberg Velodrome (in disrepair)
Niederp?ring Velodrome
Nordhausen Velodrome
Oberhausen Velodrome
Reichelsdorf Velodrome
RRC Endspurt Velodrome
Schanzenbergbahn (Saarbr?cken)
Schleyer Stadium
Schopp Velodrome
Solingen Velodrome
Stadtbezirk Mitte Velodrome
Velo-Club Hohentwiel Velodrome
Velodrom - Berlin
Westfalen Halle

Great Britain

Bilborough Park
Caird Park Stadium
Calshot Velodrome
Carmarthen Park
Claireville Stadium
Forest Town, Mansfield
Gosling Sports Park
Gypsies Green Velodrome
Herne Hill
Kirkby Sports Center
Maindy Cycle Track
Manchester Velodrome
Manor Abbey Stadium
Meadowbank Sports Centre, Edinburgh
Newcastle Track
Palmer Park Velodrome
Proposed 2012 Olympic Velodrome
Roundhay Park
The Mountbatten Centre
Wales National Velodrome


Athens Olympic Velodrome
R?dhos Velodrome
Trikala Velodrome


Baie-Mahault Velodrome


Guatamala City Velodrome

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Sports Institute


Hungary Millenáris Velodrome


Bikaner Velodrome
Imphal Velodrome
Jabalpur Velodrome
Jaipur Velodrome
Lakshmibai NCPE Velodrome
Netaji Subhas NIS Velodrome
Osmania University Velodrome
Punjabi University Velodrome
Railway Recreational Club
Rajiv Gandhi Velodrome, Andaman Islands
Yamuna Velodrome


Malang Velodrome
Rawamangun Velodrome


Azadi Velodrome, Tehran


Eamonn Ceannt Stadium


1960 Olympic Velodrome
A. Fantini Velodrome
Avezzano Velodromo Communale
Barletta Velodrome
Bassano del Grappa Velodrome
Civitavecchia Velodrome
Crema Velodrome
Dalmine Velodromo Communale
Donada Velodrome (Velodrome Dei Pini??)
Ferrara Velodrome
Forano Velodrome
Former Montechiarugolo Velodrome
Fornacetta Velodrome
Glauco Servadei Velodrome, Forli
Marco Polo Velodrome, Andorra
Molinella Velodrome
Montallese Velodrome
Montichiari Velodrome
Mori Velodromo Communale
Motovelodromo Fausto Coppi
Nino Borsari Velodrome
Noto Velodrome
Oppido Lucano Velodrome Communale
Padova Velodrome
Pesaro Velodrome
Pontecorvo Velodrome
Quartu Sant Elena Velodrome
San Giovanni al Natisone, Velodrome Communale
Stadio Carlini
Velodrome Communale, L'Aquila
Velodrome Vigorelli
Velodromo Antonio Capone
Velodromo Ardizzone
Velodromo Busto Garolfo
Velodromo Degli Ulivi
Velodromo delle Cascine, Florence
Velodromo E. Solvay
Velodromo Francone
Velodromo G. Pacciarelli
Velodromo Generale Albricci
Velodromo L. Ossola
Velodromo Mecchia
Velodromo O. Bottecchia
Velodromo Paolo Borsellino
Velodromo San Lorenzo


Kingston Independence Park


Akashi Jitensha Kyougijou
Aomori Velodrome (青森)
Beppu Velodrome (別府)
Chiba Velodrome (千葉)
Chofu (Keio) Velodrome (京王閣)
Fukui Velodrome (福井)
Gifu Velodrome (岐阜)
Hakodate Velodrome (函館)
Hiratsuka Velodrome (平塚)
Hiroshima Velodrome (広島)
Hofu Velodrome (防府)
Ichinomiya Velodrome (一宮)
Ito Velodrome (伊東)
Iwaki (Taira) Velodrome (いわき平)
Kanonji Velodrome (観音寺)
Kansai Cycle Sport Centre
Kawasaki Velodrome (川崎)
Kishiwada Velodrome (岸和田)
Kochi Velodrome (高知)
Kofu Velodrome
Komatsushima Velodrome (小松島)
Kumamoto Velodrome (熊本)
Kurume Velodrome (久留米)
Maebashi Outdoor Velodrome
Maebashi Velodrome (前橋)
Matsudo Velodrome (松戸)
Matsusaka Velodrome (松阪)
Matsuyama Velodrome (松山)
Miyasaki Prefectural Sports Park
Muku Cho (Kyoto) Velodrome (向日町)
Nagoya Velodrome (名古屋)
Nara Velodrome (奈良)
Niigata Velodrome (弥彦)
Odawara Velodrome (小田原)
Ogaki Velodrome (大垣)
Ogura Velodrome (Kitakyushu Mediadome) (小倉)
Omiya Velodrome (大宮)
Otsu Velodrome (大津)
Sasebo Velodrome (佐世保)
Seibu Garden Velodrome (西武園)
Sendai Velodrome
Shizuoka Velodrome (静岡)
Tachikawa Velodrome (立川)
Takamatsu Velodrome (高松)
Takeo Velodrome (武雄)
Tamano Velodrome (玉野)
Tokyo (Toride) Velodrome (取手)
Tokyo Dome (occasional)
Toyama Velodrome (富山)
Toyohashi Velodrome (豊橋)
Utsunmiya Velodrome (宇都宮)
Velodrome on Okinawa
Wakayama Velodrome (和歌山)
Yokkaichi Velodrome (四日市)
Yokohama Kagetsu Garden (花月園)


Kazakhstan Velodrome


Bishkek Velodrome


Tripoli Velodrome


Klaipeda Velodrome


Kuala Lumpur Velodrome, Cheras
Velodrom Rakyat


Ouezzin Coulibaly Stadium


Calles Park Velodrome
Centro Deportivo Velodrome
Culiac?n Velodrome
Guadalajara Velodrome
Hermosillo Velodrome
La Paz Velodrome
León Velodrome
Mexico City
Radamés Treviño Velodrome
Saltillo Velodrome
Tijuana Velodrome
Toluca Velodrome
Vel?dromo Aguascalientes
Velódromo Alonso Cano


Casablanca Velodrome


Apeldoorn (Omnisportcentrum)
Geleen (sportcentrum Glanerbrook)
Helmond Velodrome
Sportpaleis Alkmaar
Tilburg (sportpark Bijstervelden)
Velodrome Amsterdam
Woensel–Eindhoven Velodrome

New Caledonia

Magenta Velodrome
Nessadiou Velodrome
Voh Velodrome (New Caledonia)

New Zealand

Athletic Park Velodrome, Blenheim
Denton Park Velodrome, Christchurch
Haitiatai Velodrome
Invercargill Velodrome
Kew Bowl
Manukau (Auckland) Velodrome
Owen Delaney Park Velodrome
Rotorua Velodrome
Seddon Park Velodrome, Mosgiel
Temuka Velodrome
Trafalgar Park Velodrome, Nelson
Wanganui Velodrome


Stj?rdal Velodrome
Valle Hovin Velodrome (now a parking lot)


Lahore Velodrome


Velódromo Nueva Generación Tocumen

People's Rep. of China

Fucun Cycle Training Centre
Gansu Cycle Training Centre
Harbin Velodrome
Hsin-chuang Velodrome
Laoshan Velodrome (2008 Olympics)
Laoshan Velodrome (outdoor)
LongGang Velodrome
Lucheng Institute of Sport Velodrome
Nan Jing Velodrome
Shenyang Velodrome
Taiyuan Velodrome
Yunnan Training Centre
Zhengzhou Velodrome


Arequipa Velodrome
Lima Velodrome 1
Lima Velodrome 2


Amoranto Velodrome, Quezon City


Krakow Velodrome
Lilienthal Velodrome
Lodz Velodrome
Pruszków Velodrome
Radom Velodrome
Szczecin Velodrome
Warszawa Velodrome


Early Oporto Velodrome
Loul? Velodrome
Sangalhos Velodrome

Puerto Rico

Coamo, Puerto Rico Velodrome


Aspire Stadium (temporary for 06 Asian Games)


Bucharest Velodrome
Craiova Velodrome


Kazan, Tartarstan Velodrome
Moscow Olympic Velodrome
Moscow Velodrome
Nizhniy Novgorod Velodrome
Omsk Velodrome
Penza Velodrome
Rostov-na-donu Velodrome
St. Petersburg Velodrome
Yaroslavl Velodrome


Bratislava Velodrome
Presov Velodrome


Kranj Velodrome
Novo Mesto Velodrome

South Africa

Bellville Velodrome
Bob Van Reenen Velodrome, Krugersdorp
Cyril Geoghegan Velodrome
Hector Norris Park Velodrome
Mankweng velodrome
Paarl Velodrome
Pietermaritzburg Velodrome
Pilditch 250m Velodrome
Port Elizabeth 2
Port Elizabeth Velodrome

South Korea

Changwon Velodrome 창원경륜장
Chuncheon Velodrome
Daegu Velodrome
Gwangmyeong Dome
Jamsil-Velodrome, Olympic Park
Jeonju Velodrome
Naju Velodrome


Alcobendas Velodrome, Madrid
Burriana Velodrome
Campos Velodrome
Carabanchel Bajo Velodrome, Madrid
Castalla Velodrome
Chiclana Velodrome
Coslada Velodrome
Dos Hermanas Velodrome
El Corrillo (Zalla) Velodrome
Galapagar Velodrome, Madrid
Lerida Velodrome
Luis Puig Velodrome
Madrid Velodrome
Merida Velodrome
Mont-Roig del Camp Velodrome
Nules Velodrome
Palma Velodrome
Pista de la Comunidad Valenciana
Posadas Velodrome
San Sebasti?n de los Reyes Velodrome
Silla Velodrome
Toledo Velodrome
Tommeloso Velodrome
Torre-Pacheco Velodrome
Torreforta Velodrome
Tortosa Velodrome
Valladolid Velodrome
Velodrome Madrona
Velodrome Municipal Matar?
Velodrome Municipal, Torrej?n de Ardoz
Velodrome NW of Murcia
Velodrome Segarra, La Vall d'Uxo
Velodromo de Trapagaran
Zaragoza Velodrome


André Kamperveen Stadion


Lausanne Velodrome
Vel d'Hiv
World Cycling Center, Aigle
Zurich (200m, indoor)
Zurich (333m, outdoor)

Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)

Ching-shui Velodrome
Hsin-chu Velodrome
Tainan Velodrome
Velodrome S.E. of Kang-shan


Khudjand Velodrome


Bangkok Velodrome
Chiang Mai Velodrome
Nakhon Ratchasima Velodrome
Suphan Buri Velodrome

Trinidad and Tobago

Arima Velodrome
Palo Seco Velodrome
San Fernando


Balikesir Velodrome


Kharkov Velodrome
Kiev Velodrome
Simferopol Velodrome

United States of America

7-11 Olympic Velodrome
ADT Event Center
Alkek Velodrome
Alpenrose Velodrome
Asheville Mellowdrome
Baton Rouge Velodrome
Boulder Indoor Cycling
Brian Piccolo Velodrome
Dick Lane Velodrome
Edward Rudolph Velodrome
Encino Velodrome
Frisco Superdrome
Hellyer Park Velodrome
Honolulu (obsolete)
Kissena Velodrome
Lehigh Valley Velodrome
Londonderry Raceway / New England Velodrome
Major Taylor Velodrome
Marymoor Velodrome
National Sports Center Velodrome
Old Columbia Speedway
Penrose Park Velodrome
Proposed Woodward Park Velodrome
San Diego Velodrome
Velodrome at Bloomer Park
Washington Park Bowl


Mercedes Velodrome
Paysand? Uruguay
Tacuarembó Velodrome
Velodromo Municipal - Uruguay


Namangan Velodrome
Toshkent Velodrome


Barquisimeto Velodrome
Ciudad Bolivar Velodrome
Coro Velodrome
Cumaná Velodrome
Maracay Velodrome
Maturín Velodrome
Puerto la Cruz Velodrome
San Crist?bal Velodrome
Valencia Velodrome
Vel?dromo Teo Capriles

District Championships

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I admit it; this is just an excuse to point at some non-junior pictures on Flickr.

Best wishes to Daniel (a junior until last year). It sounds like he’s going to have some pain, but recover fully.

Daniel Holloway hits the deck in the Keirin championship
Daniel Holloway hits the deck in the Keirin championship

September 5, 2006

Credit for Velodrome Locations

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The velodrome locations file for Google Earth now includes credit to those who provided most of the velodrome locations. I have lost track of some, but there are credits for about 75% of the velodromes. Top finders include myself, Andrew Iler, and Barry Langley. For many of the others I have just a screen name and/or web site name.

If you find a velodrome I don’t have, please let me know. All I really need is the exact latitude and longitude, but if you have the correct name of the velodrome that would be nice too. So far there are 611 velodromes in 83 countries, so you’ll have to look hard to find one that’s missing.

[Added September 7th] Today I discovered that the Google Earth coverage of Italy has improved resolution in some areas. This allowed me to add six velodromes in Italy, moving it ahead of the USA, Spain, and France.

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