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August 23, 2006

US Records and a Small New Feature

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I just got around to finding the current national records for juniors in the USA and adding them to the database. In many cases the event name is shown as “unknown” because the source I found includes the date and city, but not the event name.

The feature is a new filter for the timed event database. Now you can select results based on the age of the rider at the time of the event. For example, you can see 500 meter times for age 15-16 women, regardless of how old they are now.

Warning – there are possible bad uses of this feature. For example if you ask for riders who were 18 at the time of an event but are currently 15 or 16, you will get nothing. The database does not support time travel.

August 21, 2006

British Nationals Results, 2006

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British national championships finished on Saturday, and it sounds like the competition was intense this year. A tie for the gold medal in junior men’s pursuit and national records for both men and women in the 15-16 500 meter time trial are just examples.

As Yorick Bos mentioned, the official results are summarized here. Pictures from Guy Swarbrick can be found at swarbrick.com.

As usual, I won’t reproduce all the results, but I have added many entries to the timed event database. I tried to include the top 5 or more riders from each event, plus a sampling (every 5th or 10th rider) to give some idea of the depth of each field.

When adding new riders to the database, I used the age groups (“Under 16” for example) to estimate their birth years. Naturally I will be off by a year or more in some cases, so corrections are welcome.

August 18, 2006

British Cycling Junior & Youth Track Championships

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From August 15 till 19 the British Junior and Youth Championship is in Newport, Wales. It’s not over yet, but the results of the first day’s and the coming day’s can be found here

August 17, 2006

National 500 meter TT Record

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Congratulations to Colleen Hayduk, who has broken the 15-16 national record in the 500 meter time trial with a 37.47!

The attempt was made in Colorado Springs on August 15th, 2006, and is an official record. The image is from last year (2005) at junior nationals.

August 11, 2006

English speaking countries rule the World Championship

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Do you see where I’m going? Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand rule on the sprint and pursuit components. Why? What do they have more than other countries? I think every country has enough talent, but why are Australia and GB then so much better than most of the countries?

In the other components most countries have chances of winning, like scratch, madison (although this year Australia won) and pointrace. But for sprinting more specific training is needed. Do they begin at an earlier age with that specific training? Do they go to special schools, so they have more time to train? Are they doing weightlifting at a much younger age than other countries?

Do countries pick their talents at a young age, so they can give them specific training, because then they have more chances to win a title at the age of junior? Do the juniors train together with their country or separately with their own coaches?

It’s not luck that they won so many titles. No, every year those countries have good juniors, while other countries have to ‘hope’ to have good juniors once in a while on the sprint and pursuit.

In category 15-16 the Netherlands do not have a Dutch selection of riders. Last year I started with specific training, to become a good sprinter. I am lucky that I have my brother Patrick. He is a member of the Dutch selection of sprinters. With specific training from him (the things he does in training with Theo Bos, Teun Mulder and Tim Veldt) I hope I have more chances of being a good junior sprinter, and I can get along with Australian and British cyclists. And so far as I know, I’m the only rider form the Netherlands who’s training with weights and doing specific training. My coach is the same weightlifting coach as Theo Bos, Tim Veldt, my brother and other Dutch track cyclists in the Elite categorie have.

I hope a coach from Australia and/or Great Britain can explain why this is. Or maybe a rider will say something about the way they are training. What do they have more than others…

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