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June 27, 2006

Better search on JuniorVelo

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In the past, the search function would not work if the term you searched for only appeared in an image caption. Now it works correctly. Thanks to Dan Cameron for publishing the Search Everything WordPress plugin. Using that as a starting point, adding image search only took 15 minutes or so.

As always, if you are looking for a rider by name, you probably should start with My JuniorVelo.

European Championship

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Next month the European Championship Athens will be, from 19 – 23 July. Not only the Juniors will ride againts each other, also the U -23 categorie will compete with each other.

Also the Netherlands will send a delegation of Juniors and U -23 riders. Below, you can see a list with the riders who will ride in Athes. I’m one year to young for this, so I won’t ride, hopefully next year I do. My brother Patrick will ride in the U -23 categorie.

Junior Women:

–> Elise van Hage < -- - What?: All-round, she is a very good sprinter, and also a good pursuit rider. - Expectation: She is good in everyting, so you should keep an eye on her. She could finish close. - Results: Sprint Vienna 3, Keirin Vienna 1, 500M Vienna 3, Pursuit Vienna 3, Scratch Vienna 1, Point race Vienna 3, Scratch Gent 4, Pursuit Gent 2, More times National Champion -?- Ausscheidungsrennen --> Nina Kessler < -- - What?: Sprint - Expectation: She could do well. - Results: Scratch Gent 5, Keirin Gent 3, More times National Champion Junior Man: _________ --> Pim Lighthart <-- - What?: Pursuit, Point Race - Expectation: He could finish close. Keep an aye on him. - Results: Scatch Vienna 2, Point race Vienna 1, Point race Gent 2 -?- Ausscheidungsrennen Dick Junior Post - What?: Sprint - Expectation: He could finish close. - Results: Sprint Vienna 4, KM Vienna 3, KM Gent 3, National Champion Sprint Jelmer Stegink - What?: Sprint - Expectation: Do his best. - Results: KM Gent 8, Sprint Gent 6

June 26, 2006

Ed Rudolph Results from June 15

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My coverage of races away from home is sporadic, but this one caught my eye with the large number of junior racers (at least for a local race in the USA). Check it out: June 15 Ed Rudolph (Northbook) results.

I wish our local program could figure out how to draw so many.

June 20, 2006

Pan-American Results

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Thanks to a helpful comment from Jorge Romero, I found results from the 2006 Pan-American junior cycling events going on from June 19 to 25 in Venezuela. I won’t display everything on this site, but I am adding many results to the timed event database.

For results, see the index page on the Federación Venezolana de Ciclismo site. As Jorge explained, that page is in Spanish, but the numbered links at the top correspond to the days of the event. The results pages include English labels, so readers of English or Spanish will have no trouble. The appear to be quite prompt with the results, so you can check daily and see what has happened so far.

I see that there are four riders from the USA in the results, even though USA Cycling announced that there would be no team from the USA. If anyone would like to explain how that works, I’d like to know.

Japan at Last!

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Over the last couple of years this site has collected the locations of over a hundred velodromes. It always bothered me that there were none from the most velodrome-dense country in the world, Japan. I simply never was able to find and understand the addresses well enough to visually identify the velodromes in Google Earth.

Yesterday, that changed. A quick search took me to keirin.jp, but I had been there before. The breakthrough was using Google’s Japanese-to-English site translator. It produces garbled English, but it was enough to let me find a list of velodromes. That led me to maps of the locations, and even a web site for each track. Japan has gone from zero velodromes in the database to 47 – more than double any other country.

As usual, you can use the index page to choose Yahoo or Google maps for your browser, but if you want clear pictures of the velodromes, by far the best is Google Earth. First you need to install the free application. Then get the Google Earth velodrome locations.

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