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February 28, 2006

Fast 17-18 Riders as of Early 2006

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It’s still very early in the year, but I thought it would be interesting to look at the times in the database and see who to watch out for on the world level this year. Of course riders can change a lot in 6 months, but more importantly I only have data from some countries. Please don’t consider these lists complete.

I’ll try to list the top riders at the shortest and longest distances in the database, but with no more than three per country. No disrespect intended to those fast Australians, but I want to get a broader view. The links will take you to the “My Junior Velo” page for each rider. You will be able to see all their results from the database as well as links to any articles or pictures which have appeared on this site.

Flying 200 meters, Men

Name Time Country
Scott Sunderland 10.452 AUS
Jason Kenny 10.569 GBR
Jeremy Hogg 10.819 AUS
Daniel Ellis 10.839 AUS
Angel Sixto Garcia 10.85 ESP
Hodei Mazcuiaran Uria 10.933 ESP
Vasileios Reppas 10.941 GRE
Jose Alfredo Flores 11.06 GUA
Flying 200 meters, Women

Name Time Country
Lyubov Shulika 11.594 UKR
Sandie Clair 11.811 FRA
Yulia Kosheleva 12.054 RUS
Virginie Cueff 12.151 FRA
Anna Blythe 12.199 GBR
Elise van Hage 12.226 NED
Anja Drotleff 12.326 GER
Anastasia Rozhkova 12.428 RUS
3000 meter Pursuit, Men

Name Time Country
Cameron Meyer 3:19.632 AUS
Hayden Josefski 3:22.723 AUS
Travis Meyer 3:23 AUS
Ramunas Navardauskas 3:25.308 LTU
Alexandre Lemair 3:28.767 FRA
Westley Gough 3:29.579 NZL
Vincent Dauga 3:30.45 FRA
Takashi Sakamoto 3:30.716 JPN
2000 meter Pursuit, Women

Name Time Country
Peta Mullens 2:26.817 AUS
Lesya Kalitovska 2:27.292 UKR
Tess Downing 2:28.7 AUS
Josephine Tomic 2:29.493 AUS
Lisa Brennauer 2:30.734 GER
Mie Bekker Lacota 2:31.192 DEN
Oxana Kozonchuk 2:32.941 RUS
Hansen Trine Schmidt 2:32.975 DEN

February 20, 2006

Sunday 10-14 Session

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We had another small but good track session on Sunday under threatening skies. Only a few drops of rain fell. Here is a shot of some of the riders with the banner of our snack sponsor, Clif Bar.

Andrew, Daniel, and David.
Andrew, Daniel, and David.

February 19, 2006

Welcome Mercury News Readers

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Thanks to the publicity from the Tour of California, the Mercury News had some coverage of cycling this weekend. If I know the people in this area, some of you will find your way here, even with no local links in the article.

If you haven’t seen the paper, you can start with the main article, or skip to the page of photos and videos where you can spot a few local track riders, including some of the juniors at Hellyer Park Velodrome.

Here are some quick references for those new to track cycling:

  1. How do I get started on the track? is directed mostly at junior riders.
  2. The local velodrome site
  3. A free program for riders aged 10 to 14 – beginners welcome.
  4. More information including a session for advanced juniors.
  5. Adults and older juniors (14 and up) normally start with Saturday sessions.
  6. Where is Hellyer park?
  7. This site covers local juniors on the track, though most news this time of year is international.

and of course there are books:

February 18, 2006

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

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Winters here in PA tend to be killer ones. Killer meaning there is a foot of snow on the ground and the temperatures never ever reaching above 30. It makes bike racers here want to move to Florida, Texas, or California because if we ride outside we will either ride over a patch of ice and crash or if that doesnít happen, we will get frostbite within 30 minutes. So you resort to riding the trainer. And hours and hours of bike riding staring at a wall in your attic isnít what I would consider fun, but itís what we Pennsylvanians have to do to keep training. ButÖthis winter hasnít been like any other winter. This winterís been a lot warmer than past winters. We have gotten some good snowstorms but with the warm weather, the snow melts pretty fast. At school we have had only one snow day and a couple of two hour-delays. Since itís gotten into the forties a good bunch of the weekends this winter, itís making it much more bearable to train outside. With that in mind, the road racing season here doesnít start here until April (due to the temperatures and usually the lack of roads which tend to be covered in snow). Track racing doesnít start until June 3rd. I was talking to Shelby Reynolds from Texas and Coryn Rivera from California and they were both gearing up for the start of each of their seasons. I just laughed when I heard that, thinking that the ground was covered with six inches of snow at the time.
So as of right now, I am sorry to say that with over 12 inches of snow on the ground there are no race results to give you.

February 7, 2006

Australian Track Championships-Peta close to the WR

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Young Victorian Peta Mullens was just one second off breaking the world record of Alayna Byrns today in the individual Pursuit. Peta (17) of Victoria scorched the boards in qualifiying recording a time of 2.26.817, much faster than the junior world championship results in years gone by. Two favourites Tess Downing of Victoria and Josie Tomic of Western Australia picked up silver and bronze respectively.

W19 2000m Individual Pursuit


1 Peta Mullens (Vic) 2.26.817 (49.04 km/h)
2 Tess Downing (Vic) 2.28.700
3 Josephine Tomic (WA) 2.29.493
4 Grace Sulzberger (Tas) 2.30.730
5 Courtney Le Lay (Qld) 2.32.063
6 Loren Rowney (Qld) 2.32.493
7 Lisa Friend (Vic) 2.34.339
8 Laura Meisel-Dennis (ACT) 2.34.480
9 Carlee Taylor (SA) 2.38.018
10 Tiffany Cromwell (SA) 2.41.280
11 Therese Rhodes (SA) 2.42.406
12 Kylie Hansen (WA) 2.43.118
13 Kira Mason (SA) 2.43.334
14 Rebecca Macpherson (WA) 2.47.109

Scott Sunderland followed up with his win in the kilo to qualify first in the sprint today. Sunderland recorded a time of 10.7 and will race against Oliver Saare also of Western Australia in the sprint rounds tomorow. Sunderland is well on his way to becoming the best junior track rider in the world and will be a real threat at the worlds this year.

M19 Sprint


1 Scott Sunderland (WA) 0.10.760 (66.91 km/h)
2 Byron Davis (Qld) 0.10.912
3 Jeremy Hogg (Qld) 0.10.986
4 Daniel Ellis (ACT) 0.11.023
5 Patrick Bolan (NSW) 0.11.097
6 Mark Glowacki (SA) 0.11.204
7 Jason Holloway (WA) 0.11.218
8 Oliver Saare (WA) 0.11.343
9 Lachlan Plane (Qld) 0.11.351
10 Abe Macdonald (Vic) 0.11.377
11 Jeff Hopkins (NSW) 0.11.404
12 James Langedyk (Vic) 0.11.442
13 Takashi Sakamoto (Jpn) 0.11.637
14 Anthony Rix (Vic) 0.11.696
15 Nicholas Spratt (NSW) 0.11.698
16 Hayato Iizuka (Jpn) 0.11.812
17 Shota Miki (Jpn) 0.12.263

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