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December 29, 2005

Gear Calculator Update

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The online gear calculator has now been updated to reflect 2006 rules in the USA. This may be helpful for determining if you can meet the new limits with equipment you have on hand.

Track Rollout Limits

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The 2006 rulebook is now available, and so now I can tell you the new rollout limits. Thanks to reader Tim for helping me notice this. Quoting exactly from section 1J6:

For track events the following limits shall be used: (10-12 years old 6.00 meters or 198 [48 x 17], 13-14 years old 6.36 meters or 20'10.5" [48 x 16], 15-16 yrs 6.78 meters or 22'3" [48 x 15], 17+ yrs. - unrestricted.) All tests for compliance (road and track) shall be done using the "roll-out method."

As always the limits are enforced by rollout, but this time the gears are selected to allow a simple cog change every couple of years, with the same chainring. For comparison, the old limits were (10-14 years old 21'3", 15-16 yrs 21'9", 17+ yrs. - Unrestricted.).

Here’s one way of looking at how each age group is affected. Take 120 rpm as a sample cadence. It’s a rate which might be used in a fast part of a race, but still well below what an experienced rider can handle in a brief effort. How fast will a rider go if he pedals at that cadence and is using the highest allowed gear?

Age Group Old Limit Old Speed New Limit New Speed
10-12 21′ 3″ 29.0 19′ 8″ 26.8
13-14 21′ 3″ 29.0 20′ 10.5″ 28.5
15-16 21′ 9″ 29.7 22′ 3″ 30.3
17+ Unrestricted

There will be different opinions (and I’d like to hear them) about whether these gears are too high or low and whether this change hurts or helps financially. I’d like to comment on one other thing. The suggested gearing (48 x 15, 16, or 17) is going to give gears very close to the given rollout limits. Remember that tire sizes are not entirely standardized, and neither are officials. A typical 700x23c “clincher” tire should pass rollout, but some may not. Riders (and parents) should always check the actual rollout distance of their bikes, and should be careful that a tire change doesn’t put them over the limit. The 15-16 group is especially tight against the limit, and these riders may want to select a smaller tire or keep a 47 tooth chainring available in case there is a problem with rollout.

I hope to have the online gear calculator updated today.

December 18, 2005

December 18 session cancelled

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Due to inclement weather, December 18 session will not be held. Sorry for the late notice, send out an email to the NCVA list and called everyone who said they were coming to let them know that the session will not be held. Hope to see yall next year.

December 15, 2005

Have a Google home page? Add a velodrome map!

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Just for fun, I created a way to include a velodrome map in your Google home page. You need a Google account, but it’s free.

Map module screenshot

To add the map, click the Add Content button in the page. A panel appears on the left. In the box under “Create a Section”, enter http://www.juniorvelo.com/g/dromemap.xml and click Go. That should do it.

In Canada, the United Kingdom, and the USA you can click the little “edit” link on the module title to enter your city or postal code, and the map will aways start centered there.

By the way, you can add a list of the three most recent articles on this site the same way. Just enter www.juniorvelo.com in the box.

WCCC Winter Road Camp

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Yes, it’s road news. On the other hand, this is a great chance to get some winter miles in your legs. You might especially be interested if you live where winter riding is unpleasant. It’s also a chance to learn about college cycling and talk to a bunch of actual students who are involved.

At the camp, they ride every day on great roads and also have some off-bike events. They are expecting Dede Barry to ride along. Tom Danielson, Dede, and perhaps others will give talks. The event is in Solvang, the same area where Discovery and other pro teams have their camps.

WCCC is the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference. The event is open to NCCA (collegiate) licensed riders AND juniors 16 and up with an annual USCF license. [Reminder – get those licenses renewed.] The $50 cost is very reasonable, but doesn’t include lodging. For full information see the WCCC Winter Camp flyer.

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