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November 29, 2005

Google Velodrome Map

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I thought I was done with velodrome maps for a while, but here is one more based on Google’s mapping API.

[Temporarily disabled – if you have Google Earth, please click here.]


Some tips:

  • Click an icon to see the velodrome name, which normally is also a link to that velodrome’s web site.
  • A double-click elsewhere will recenter the map.
  • Everything else can be done with the controls on the map.

As before, I’ll list some pros and cons of this particular map.


  • You can zoom out to see the whole earth.
  • You can toggle between satellite and map views, or even a combination.
  • You can drag the map to move it, and zoom using the tool at the upper left.
  • The velodrome locations are pulled from my database, so I don’t have to update the map when I get new velodrome information.


  • The icon set doesn’t wrap well across the international date line. For example, whether you see Australian velodromes depends on which way you scroll, and how far.
  • If you click “Powered by Google” you get to their site which has more tools, but you lose the velodromes.

You may also want to see the summary of Junior Velo velodrome maps.

November 22, 2005

New National Track Coach

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It was announced yesterday that Colby Pearce will be the new Endurance Track Coach for USA Cycling. This covers all ages from junior through elite racers. Gary West, also a relative new hire, continues as head track coach.

These additions suggest that USA Cycling is taking track development seriously. I’m hoping for good things over the next few years.

You can read the announcement at USACycling.

November 20, 2005

Another Sunday at Hellyer

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How was the weather at your track today? Probably great if you are in Australia, but in the northern hemisphere a lot of track riders are already seeing a lot of the road and indoor trainers. So far, San Jose has been very lucky. Temperatures around 72F (22C) contributed to another beautiful day at Hellyer Park Velodrome.

Riders Enjoy a Sunday Afternoon at the Track
Riders Enjoy a Sunday Afternoon at the Track

We had a group of six fairly closely-matched riders today, and worked them pretty hard. Three of them beat their personal best flying 200m times.

November 16, 2005

Gear Limit Changes!

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Here’s a heads up for riders in the USA. Gear limits have been changed! The details are not officially published, but I can say the limits for younger riders will be lower than before. Ride low gears this Winter and keep your spin going.

The USCF Board of Trustees has thoughtfully arranged things so that you should be able to obtain each of the required gears with a 48 tooth chainring and an appropriate cog (and 700c wheels, I presume to add). That’s good news, since those chainrings can get expensive. On the other hand, you probably shouldn’t buy any new equipment until the rule page at USA Cycling is updated for 2006.

I assume that other chainring sizes will be acceptable as always, as long as you still pass rollout. If you want to play with the effect of various gear options, try my interactive gear chart. Be warned that the limits shown are still based on 2005 rules, but of course everything else is still correct.

Chainring, cog, and chain.

More Timed Event Results

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Better late than never, I have come across some 2005 Australian National Championship results for some of the younger age groups. You will find them in the timed event database as usual. There are some women’s pursuit times, and 500m and flying 200m times for both men and women.

Because the results do not show details for each rider, I have assumed that each rider who rode the U17 category is 16 years old and each rider who rode U15 is 14 years old. Obviously this isn’t true, so I’ll correct the data if I find better information.

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