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October 30, 2005

My Junior Velo updates

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I hope those of you who have tried My Junior Velo have enjoyed it. Based on what I have seen, I have made some small changes.

  1. Some users are entering names in “Last, First” format right below my text saying “first name first”. The user is always right, so now the script will try to guess what you mean.
  2. When you revisit the page, the script no longer has to check the name against the database before redrawing the page. To you, that means faster page loading.
  3. More possible names are downloaded after you type the first 3 letters. This should mean faster searching for you and less server traffic for me.
  4. A more detailed list of tips appears if your search matches no names.

One thing the system knows nothing about is nicknames and misspellings. Usually I have the full name from a race result or license database in the system. Try the more formal form of a name first. If that fails, try a common nickname or misspelling.

Have fun, and leave comments. They will influence what I do next.

October 26, 2005


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My Junior Velo is also available at http://my.juniorvelo.com.

That should be easier to remember than the page number.

October 25, 2005

My Junior Velo

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I haven’t posted much for a while, partly because I have been working on a new feature for the site. With apologies to “My Yahoo!” and all the other “My Everythings” on the web, I’m calling it My Junior Velo. Click that link. Check it out.

Consider this a beta test. Please let me know what you like best, what is broken, and what features you think should be added next.

What it does:

  • You type in a name, and it tries to match it to the database even before you finish typing.
  • If several names match, there is a place to select the one you want.
  • Once a rider is identified the page fills up with all the rider’s pictures, articles, and race results in the Junior Velo database.
  • Each of the three sections can be opened or closed (click the chainring tooth on the left).
  • The page remembers the last rider so you can revisit your page without having to type anything again.
  • Works with Firefox 1.0, Internet Explorer 6.0, and Opera 8.5 on Windows and with Firefox and Safari on the Mac. Let me know if there are browsers I can add to this list.

What it doesn’t do:

  • Lots of things. Instead of telling you what I think is missing, I’m going to wait and see what you say.

Want to see more?

If you want to have more information added, the answer is maybe. Of course you must be a junior track rider – that’s the whole point.

  • Results: I don’t have time to keep results from all the events around the country, though a well-formatted list of results from a regionally interesting race is always welcome. It should include at least the top 3 riders, not just you :).
  • Pictures: If there are no pictures of you, you can send one or two and I’ll add them. No more than two – that’s what Flickr and the other photo sites are for. Also, please don’t send photos without permission from the photographer.
  • Articles: If you say “write an article about me”, I probably won’t. On the other hand I’m glad to publish a race report, the story of your team’s season, an announcement about an upcoming junior-specific event, or anything else relevant. It’s fine to give credit to sponsors, but your text should read like a story, not an advertisement.

By the way, this is my first attempt at javascript. As usual I picked a pretty big first project, but that’s how I learn best. This page should improve as I learn more efficient ways to do things. Maybe I’ll even get a book 🙂

October 19, 2005

Iggy Silva in La Prensa

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There’s a new article about Iggy Silva in La Prensa San Diego. It’s available in both English and Spanish.

A couple of my pictures were used, a different one in each version.

Iggy took several sprints by wide margins to qualify in the 8k Points Race heat
Iggy took several sprints by wide margins to qualify in the 8k Points Race heat

October 11, 2005

Clif Bar Sponsorship for Hellyer’s Junior Program

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We were looking for a way to get some goodies for the riders in our 10-14 age group sessions, and Steven Woo had the idea of asking Clif Bar. They have come through with a large number of mini bars and a banner. Starting in mid December we’ll be able to offer the bars as snacks at every session, and of course we’ll display the banner during each session. Thanks, Clif Bar!

Clif Bar Logo

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