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July 27, 2004

Holloway Race Assignments

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Daniel Holloway will be racing the Pursuit, Team Pursuit, and Madison at Junior Worlds.

This probably means that other riders know their races now, but this is all I have.

July 26, 2004

Two Days to Worlds

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That’s right – just two days until the Junior World Championships.

I’ll be there, and I’ll try to get out some reports. I’m going to do less than at Nationals, but the major cycling sites should cover this event so this site certainly won’t be your only source.

Trying to dig up some news for you, I went looking for team rosters. I listed the USA team previously. The only new one I found was Australia’s, but since they are a top team that’s a good start. As always, if any readers have more information, I’d welcome it – just post a comment.


  • Simon Clarke; Selby, VIC
  • Mitchell Docker; Rosanna VIC
  • Michael Ford; Dandenong North VIC
  • Matthew Goss; Rowella TAS
  • Corey Heath; Katherine NT
  • Miles Olman; North Rockhampton QLD
  • Shane Perkins; Hughesdale VIC
  • Daniel Thorsen; Shepparton VIC
  • Skye-Lee Armstrong; Bella Vista NSW
  • Jennifer Loutit; Chapman ACT
  • Bianca Rogers; Gulfview Heights SA
  • Amanda Spratt; Springwood NSW
  • Hayley Wright; Camp Hill QLD

July 25, 2004

The New URL

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A couple of minutes ago (relative to the timestamp of this post) I adjusted the web server to redirect all requests from the old www.numeriex.com/velo location to this one (www.juniorvelo.com). This means that you will get the most current information automatically until I eventually disable the old address completely. Please, if you still have a link/bookmark/favorite/etc. pointing at numeriex, change it to this address. Just replace www.numeriex.com/velo with www.juniorvelo.com.

Purely a matter of vanity: at least under the old address, this site now ranks second at google, at least for some searches! If you search for “junior track cycling”, there are a couple of USACycling pages, then this blog. That puts us ahead of cyclingnews.com, the US Olympic committee, and Lehigh Valley Velodrome. All with no search engine tricks to speak of. Link your site here – maybe I can get to number one…

July 24, 2004

Welcome to the new Address

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This blog has just moved here, to www.juniorvelo.com

I hope that this will be an easier and nicer name, and that everything else will
work as before. If you find problems such as broken links within the site,
please tell me by posting a comment to this article.

July 22, 2004

Sunset Magazine Article – Hellyer

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It’s always nice when a velodrome gets a little free publicity. Page 36 of the August Sunset Magazine has an article about racing at Hellyer Park Velodrome. There’s a picture which is just clear enough to let you identify riders you know without being able to read any of those nice sponsor logos on the jerseys. Since two of the riders are juniors, it gets a mention here.

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