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June 30, 2004

Why I Have No Results Tonight

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Tonight Jim (my son) crashed during warmup, along with Matt Mosby, Ryan Nelman, Ben Barczewski, and Kim LaFleur. No really serious injuries to anyone, as far as we can tell, but I’ve never seen Jim in so much pain. Some of the others were banged up as well, and at least one wheel and one very special fork were lost.

After a second fall on a pair of pit wheels, Jim switched to his race wheels, did some more warmup, and finished his 2k scratch race. It would have been easier to skip that race, but in an omnium you have to at least start each event, or be eliminated from the rest [apparently not, see comments].

Back to the title of this item – my mind was on wheels, cleat bolts, ice, and trying to tell a strain from a tear. You’ll have to rely on USACycling for tonight’s results. Nothing is posted yet, but they have a link-to-be here. I also appears that this page will have an article every day or so.

More First Day Pictures

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Kacala KiloAaron Kacala (first, Kilo)
Schnabel KiloMichael Schnabel (second, Kilo)
Hartfeld KiloSpencer Hartfeld (5th Kilo)
Kilo Fans - and VeronicaKilo fans, focused on the start line. Plus Veronica.

Delayed Comments

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A quick note about delayed comments. When I set this site up I wanted to make sure it stayed “kid safe” so I set it up so that I have to approve each post. Sorry for the delays, but at times I’m often away from any internet connection for 6 hours or so, and sometimes much more.

Please make comments – but there will be a delay.

Results, Wednesday Morning

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Junior Men 17-18 Kilometer TT

  1. 1:07.898 Kacala, Aaron
  2. 1:09.248 Schnabel, Michael
  3. 1:10.966 Holloway, Daniel
  4. 1:11.032 Gaunt, Elliot
  5. 1:11.434 Hartfeld, Spencer

Junior Men 13-14 500m TT

  1. 37.157 Coelho, Alex
  2. 37.971 Garcia, Alex
  3. 38.173 Walker, Daniel
  4. 40.285 Cruz, Afredo
  5. 40.327 Phillip, Njisane

Junior Women 13-14 500m TT

  1. 39.738 Hayduk, Colleen
  2. 41.331 LaFleur, Michelle
  3. 41.491 LaFleur, Kelly
  4. 42.644 Brunner, Allyson
  5. 42.683 Reynolds, Shelby

Junior Women 17-18 500m TT

  1. 39.802 Crane, Tela
  2. 39.868 Klemko, Natalie
  3. 41.714 Snyder, Kara
  4. 41.868 Williams, Kelli
  5. 42.888 Levy, Sarah

Junior Men 15-16 5k Scratch Race
Heat 1 qualifiers

  • Kline, Shane
  • Hopkins, Daniel
  • Simes, Jackie
  • Cruz, Ricky
  • Cavender, Luke
  • Marinov, Emil
  • Perez, Joe
  • Ryan, James

Heat 2 Qualifiers

  • Chavez, Miguel
  • Jacoby, Brett
  • O’Reilly, Cody
  • Williams, Justin
  • Brown, Taylor
  • Fox, Matthew
  • Tokarski, Joseph
  • Clark, Tristin

Junior Women 10-12 2k Scratch Race
Heat 1 qualifiers

  • Lopez, Paulina
  • Stolman, Elissa
  • Hayduk, Hannah
  • Ryan, Alexis

Heat 2 qualifiers

  • Eck, Shelby
  • Rivera, Coryn
  • Ryan, Kendall
  • Kimura, Alyssa

Daniel Holloway, Unclipped

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The drama of the morning came when Daniel Holloway unclipped in his Kilo start. Fortunately, current rules allow one restart. The pictures tell the story (as usual, click for a larger version).

Daniel Holloway rests his legs before the start
No energy wasted before the start.

Deep breath
A deep breath for oxygen and focus.

Unclipped Unclipped. Daniel’s left heel can be seen above the saddle.

Kilo RestartDaniel restarts his kilo, but with less power. A second pull-out would be a disaster.

Bike throwA final throw across the line, and the event is over. With a poor first split and a strong finish, he still got third.

Aaron Kacala was first; Mike Schnabel, second. More results and pictures to follow.

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